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Vintage Photo Gallery ~ Camping Outings

Edwardian hikers at Bodenbach, Germany

Auto Camping,1910s

Buck Spring Lodge, hunting "cabin" of George Vanderbilt, built 1895


Late 1910s campers, one wearing unusual long bloomers


1910s campers.  Note women are wearing dresses.


All girl camping trip, early 1920s

Girl Hikers, 1920s

Hiking party, 1920s

Late Teens/Early Twenties


Campers on Mt Pisgah Hike, early 1920s


Camping near the foot of Mt. Pisgah in the Land of the Sky, early 1920s


Auto camping, 1920s, early morning!

Hikers, 1920s


1920s Girls at camp

1920s hikers


Camp Merry Meeting, mid 1920s.  The Juniors on a hike


Young women from Maryville College on Elkmont, Tennessee hike, early1920s


Family campsite, 1920s, early 1930s


Camp life in the mountains, Mt. Leconte,  Tennessee, late 1920s.


Camp life in the Mountains, late 1920s, early 1930s.


Hikers at Mt. Mitchell, early/mid 1930s


In the country, 1935


At a camp cottage, 1940s

Early 1950s

Marion Hiking near Camel' Hump, 1951


All the above photos and postcards are from my personal collection, and  for use by permission only.  Please read my Copyright notice.
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